Nutrition Guru

Through the Guru's lifestyle, nutritional, spiritual, and psychological insights, suggestions are tailored according to the Nutrition Guru's professional expertise. The Guru utilizes principles of positive psychology, peer-reviewed research, and client data, to help you build lasting, proactive and healthy eating habits. Clients using the Guru's strategies are able to lead a more balanced life while achieving their goals. Holistic nutrition involves more than just gaining a sturdy foundation on how to eat well.

Holistic nutrition involves changes to lifestyle and incorporating growth mindset practices. Developing strategies and a clear understanding of your personal obstacles are crucial to achieving personal growth and accomplishing your goals. The Guru can guide you to becoming the best version of yourself, with a consistent commitment to your own health and well-being.

A dedicated mother of three, and soon to be four, the Guru draws on decades of personal experience to provide effective nutrition guidance and coaching.

“Once people get connected to real food, they never change back.”

-Alice Waters, Founder of the “Farm-to-table” movement