Raspberry Peanut Butter Toast on Gluten-free

1 Slice - Gluten free bread (Toasted)
1 & 1/2  Tbsp - Organic peanut butter
8 - Fresh raspberries
Himalayan salt

- Toast your gluten free bread
- Smear your toast with organic peanut butter
- Place Fresh raspberries on the peanut butter covered toast as you like
- Add a sprinkle of Himalayan salt to your taste 

Buckwheat Buda Bowl

2 - Cups water
1 - Cup - Buckwheat
1 - Cup - Baby spinach or Black kale
1 - Small sweet potato - Cubed
1 - Small zucchini - Sliced
1/4 - Red pepper - Cubed
1/2 - Carrot - Chopped
2 - Spring onions - Finely sliced
5 - Mushrooms ( or 1 Portobello) - Chopped
-  Pea shoots (as many as you like)
1 Clove - Garlic - Chopped
1 & 1/2 Tbsp - Organic chicken soup stock powder
- Avocado spray oil  
- Salt & Pepper to taste
- A Bowl

* Rinse buck wheat
- In a small pot bring 2 Cup of water to a boil.
- Add 1 Cup buckwheat to the boiling water
- Add 1 & 1/2 Tbsp - Organic chicken soup stock powder
- Add a little avocado oil
- Cover pot, bring to low heat and let simmer until all the water has been absorbed
- In a separate pan (lightly spray pan with avocado oil)
- Suaté all veggies separately on medium heat until cooked to desired doneness.
- Add garlic to the pan and allow to slightly brown before adding the spinach to the pan
- Put all the cooked veggies on a large serving plate individually so that each veggie is in its own neat little pile

Scoop 1 Cup of buckwheat into the bowl. Add each portion of veggies neatly over the buckwheat filling the edge of the bowl. Add the pea shoots, once all of the veggies are in the bowl.
Sprinkle sliced spring onions on top.
Add salt & Pepper to taste, enjoy! 

Sesame Spring Salad 

1 - English cucumber
1 - Mango 
1 - Heaping cup of sugar snap peas
1 - Tbsp Rice vinegar
2 - Tsp Toasted sesame oil
1 - Tsp Sesame seeds
Optional - Salt and pepper to taste

Chop up all the fruit and vegetables, and add them into a salad bowl along with the sesame oil, sesame seeds and rice vinegar. Mix all off the ingredients together (add optional salt and pepper).

Place in bowls to serve and enjoy!

Autumn Pear Salad

1/2 - English cucumber
1/2 - Ripe bartlett or starkrimson pear
2 - Heaping cups of arugala
2 - Tbsp rice vinegar
2 - Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 - Tsp local honey or maple syrup 
1/3 - Cup crushed walnuts  
1/4 - Cup raspberries or pomegranate seeds
Optional - Salt and pepper to taste or dash of cayenne   

Rinse and dry arugala. Add arugala to bottom of the salad bowl. Peel and slice cucumber into half slices. Peel and cut up half a pear into desired , segment size, add both the cucumber and the pear to the bowl on top of the arugula. Break apart raspberries. Add crushed walnuts and raspberry bits(or pomegranate seeds) to salad bowl.  

Dressing: Mix vinegar, oil and honey(or maple syrup) with a whisk (add optional salt and pepper or dash of cayan). Alternatively, you can shake the dressing ingredients together in a small container to mix. Once mixed drizzel on top of the salad. 

Toss salad until ingredients are well dispersed. Place desired portion into bowls to serve and enjoy!